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Signature Polish

I have a weakness, besides JCrew this time, and it’s nail polish. For as long as I can remember I have been a nail bitter. It is only until the last few years that I have been able to stop biting my nails, although I am still a work in progress with biting my cuticles, and it’s because of nail polish.

This godsend for my nails has turned into a bummer for my wallet. As I mentioned before, it’s those little $5-7 purchases that add up before you know it!

My need to STOP buying nail polishes combined with my desire see if you could actually use a whole bottle of  has led to my new “invention.” The signature color. It’s a pretty simple concept, just find a wonderful color, splurge on the bottle and paint away. And then paint again, and then a week later paint again, and so on and so on 🙂 This way people people will eventually know you for wearing that color of polish, and to me, that’s kind of cool.

My signature color:

Cantaloupe by Essie, sold at JCrew 🙂

*A side note to further explain my color choice. I was also told by my work that I can no longer wear dark polish. Has this happened to anyone else?! Apparently they don’t understand how “hip” I am!!

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