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Signature Polish

I have a weakness, besides JCrew this time, and it’s nail polish. For as long as I can remember I have been a nail bitter. It is only until the last few years that I have been able to stop biting my nails, although I am still a work in progress with biting my cuticles, and it’s because of nail polish.

This godsend for my nails has turned into a bummer for my wallet. As I mentioned before, it’s those little $5-7 purchases that add up before you know it!

My need to STOP buying nail polishes combined with my desire see if you could actually use a whole bottle of  has led to my new “invention.” The signature color. It’s a pretty simple concept, just find a wonderful color, splurge on the bottle and paint away. And then paint again, and then a week later paint again, and so on and so on 🙂 This way people people will eventually know you for wearing that color of polish, and to me, that’s kind of cool.

My signature color:

Cantaloupe by Essie, sold at JCrew 🙂

*A side note to further explain my color choice. I was also told by my work that I can no longer wear dark polish. Has this happened to anyone else?! Apparently they don’t understand how “hip” I am!!

Project Get Finances in Line.

As previously mentioned, I am new to the “real world.” Don’t get met wrong, I think being an adult is pretty cool. I generally like living on my own, making my own choices, and going to work…..but one very uncool think about being an adult is paying the bills. I admit, I was spoiled when I was growing up. My parents are actually lucky I didn’t turn out to be a complete a-hole because until last year I never even paid for my own gas…please don’t throw rocks!! Fast forward to now, where I’m like Destiny’s Child with all these Bills, Bills, Bills.

Throwback Thursday


I’ve come to realize that the problem with jobs in the real world is that they simply don’t pay enough money. Due to my current financial limitations I have had to become smarter with my spending. I had to find a way to have nice things (my name is Jill and I am a JCrew addict….step 1 right?!) without breaking the bank. This brings us to my spending tip number #1:

Buy something nice for yourself once a paycheck.

When I decided to start being smarter about my finances, I looked back on my credit card statements to see just what I was spending my hard earned money on. It turns out I was mostly spending it on a lot of unnecessary little things. A trip to Ulta here, a trip to Target there (we all know these turn disastrous quickly!). All these little purchases can build up very quickly and before you know it, you have spent a lot more than you ever planned. My first goal of Project Get Finances in Line was to cut out those little unnecessary purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still young, and not broke, so I know I am going to spend money on some things (mostly clothes), but instead of buying a lot of little things whenever I feel like, I decided to treat myself to one purchase per paycheck. For instance, last paycheck I bought a lovely new JCrew top (told you!). Sure it wasn’t super cheap, but I hadn’t bought anything besides groceries the two weeks prior, so I felt okay doing it. I also had a coupon, always use coupons!!

This week I ran out of perfume so I think I may be replacing my Lola as this weeks “treat.” And it really does feel like a treat when you aren’t buying all the time. It becomes more of a treasure hunt to find the one thing you want to spend your money on. I pretty much think about it for the whole 2 weeks and I’m okay with that because you know what, I don’t need another travel coffee mug, frame, or blanket from Target.

Disclaimer: I am paid biweekly if you are paid otherwise you may have to adjust accordingly 🙂

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