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Who is My Advice?

Oh hey there

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by. Although I have had many blogs in the past, I decided to start anew with a blog unconnected to my others.

Quick Bio: I like baseball, craft beer, wearing tights to work, JCrew, puppies, running, and fooooooooood 🙂

What kind of blog will this be? Honestly, I can’t seem to find a good fit. I will talk about food, life, love, and whatever the heck I feel like. I will be spewing my advice onto you because it’s something I love to do. I am a 25 year old, newly engaged, newly graduated with my masters, newly out-in-the-real-world-paying-my-own-bills; basically, I’m a grown up now so I want to share my thoughts on all of this with you. So please enjoy, don’t take things to seriously, and comment your thoughts because I’d love to hear them.


Comments on: "Who is My Advice?" (2)

  1. Miss you love!!!!!!!!!!!!! U changed the blog again! Change is always good! Love this pic of you, your too darn cute! Hope you are great!!! xoxo

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